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The top reasons why you should wear a knee brace when biking

All types of biking, whether off-road or on public highways, can put pressure on the knee, especially if you’ve suffered a previous injury in that area. The use of a support product such as an ACL brace could provide benefits for those participating in motor cycling. These can offer support and protection for a rider, minimising the risk of further injuries.

ACL Injuries

The types of actions that are carried out by riders can make them more prone to knee injuries. There is also the possibility that they won’t be using the correct techniques, which can cause them to put additional stress and pressure on the knees. Some of the most frequent knee injuries for motor cyclists occur to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). By wearing an ACL brace or similar sports brace, riders can benefit from additional protection, whether they’ve already suffered an injury or they want to prevent one from occurring.

Diagram showing a healthy knee and a knee with a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament

There are now a number of support products on the market that have been specifically developed for motor sports. A sports knee brace can be used in a number of circumstances, and if you’ve already had a knee injury you might be recommended by a medical professional to wear one in the short or long term.

Benefits of a Knee Brace

Wearing a sports knee brace can have a range of benefits for motor bike riders. They are extremely comfortable to wear, as long as you choose a product that fits correctly and fastens securely in place. The braces give your body flexibility, as the design provides your leg with the ability to move in the correct manner and controls the rotation of the knee. This enables you to continue riding and carry out the same manoeuvres as you could before.

A sports knee brace is often used by riders to protect existing injuries and prevent new ones. If you’ve had surgery to repair damage to your ACL, then you will probably be required to wear an ACL brace for some time after the operation. This will enable you to regain strength and movement in the affected knee without putting unnecessary pressure on it. The knee brace is designed to withstand the loads that are placed on it when riders put their feet down, so you can protect the area from further damage.

Image of a motocross rider in mid air having jumped off a rock

Following an ACL injury, riders can often suffer from extreme levels of pain. This can prevent them from exercising and regaining the necessary levels of movement and strength in the area that are required to carry on riding. With the use of a sports knee brace you can reduce the amount of pain you’re suffering from, as the ligament will be supported in the correct way. This can allow you to begin riding again sooner and give you the confidence to perform as well as you had done previously.

Without the use of a brace, some riders would not be able to return to the sport or would face a longer lay-off. These braces can protect and support the knee to increase the amount of time riders can continue for, and they limit any further wear and tear to the area.