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Dirt Bike Show 2017 and why Motocross is great for your kids


It’s that time of the year again where CTi will be attending the Dirt Bike Show and meeting dirt bike enthusiasts old and young. Every year we sell a large number of CTi Rockets, the paediatric version of a standard CTi. We think this is great and wanted to bring you 5 ways in which Motocross is a great sport for your child to take part in.

It provides thrill and excitement, without the violence

Many forms of entertainment for children and young adults, often involves violence is one way or another. Popular video games and movies provide the exhilarating entertainment that kids love, but also often involve aggression and violence. Even popular sports such as football and rugby have, what can be perceived as, violent contact. Motocross is different, though the sport is an innately dangerous one, direct physical contact on the track is avoided on all occasions.

It makes safety look cool

Motocross is a sports that carries a number of risks and as a result riders and authoritative bodies take safety very seriously. A motocross riders kit is there primarily to keep them safe and prevent injury so they can continue riding but it also looks very cool. For kids to see their idols wearing important pieces of equipment like helmets and knee braces, the importance of safety is being reinforced every time they watch or take part in the sport.

 It encourages a healthy lifestyle

While motocross can look easy from an innocent bystander perspective, it actually takes a lot of time and effort to stay in the physical shape necessary to compete in this sport. Motocross is deceptively physically demanding and therefore when taking part, kids will have a greater understanding about how their health and fitness can impact their performance on the track.

It teaches them responsibility

This is true in more ways than one. Not only do they have to take responsibility for themselves and their own performance they also needs to take responsibility for their safety, equipment and their bike. By looking after their bike and keeping it in top condition they will be better able to perform and compete.

They will learn transferable life skills

Not just in terms of working as a team, learning how to deal with the disappointment of losing etc. but Motocross is great at teaching practical life skills too. By learning to ride at a younger age, kids have a better understand of vehicles and mechanics, because they have to ride and look after their own bike. Although dirt bikes are very different from cars, that basic understanding of how vehicles work will stand them in good stead for the future.

At CTi our main focus is keeping extreme athletes safe whilst doing what they love so we can’t wait to meet you, child or adult, at stand C13 at the Dirt Bike Show this month. We will have exclusive show prices and offers such as 4 MX kits for free with every pair of CTi knee braces bought! So come and see us. You can buy tickets for the show here.