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Essential quadbiking equipment

Quad biking is an exciting sport that is gaining in popularity, as more people discover the joys of biking off road. People can go quad biking in the countryside and enjoy splashing through the muddy tracks, while they explore the beautiful landscape. An alternative is to go quad biking on a specially designed track, at a designated quad biking centre. Of course the one thing everyone who goes quad biking must do is wear the right clothing and use the correct equipment for safety.

The right quad bike

When quad biking, the machine you ride on is very powerful and it could be dangerous if not used correctly. The right quad bike is the first piece of essential equipment to choose. The bike for you depends on your age, experience level, size and the place you wish to take your quad bike. Rugged terrain will require a different type of quad bike to a smoother track. By using the right type of quad bike, you can be sure you are as safe and protected as possible and that your bike will be able to handle the rigours of the track.

Quad bikes are very different from motorbikes, because they are much more stable. They have four thick wheels offering loads of traction. Many big brands make quad bikes such as Yamaha, Polaris and Honda. Although not all the quad bikes you can buy offer 4 wheel drive, they are all hardy and tough, with excellent acceleration, and they are always able to handle rough terrain. The two wheel drive bikes are usually lighter and easy to drive, so they are ideal for less experienced quad bikers or teenagers.

Clothing for quad biking

After securing the right type of quad bike for your trip, you need to consider the clothing you will need to wear. The right type of clothing will usually be waterproof and mud proof. You should wear tough clothes will plenty of strength and durability, such as jeans. For summer biking, always wear long sleeves such as a long sleeved shirt or t shirt or ideally a sweater. Long trousers should also be worn at all times when biking, because if you take a tumble you will need to protect your legs from grazes. You should wear tough outdoor footwear to protect your feet, while suitable hard wearing gloves are also advised to keep hands warm, protected and padded around the knuckles.

Safety gear for quad biking

In addition to the basic clothing for your quad biking session, you also need to think about your safety equipment and accessories. Firstly, you need to wear a helmet for protection. This should be provided by the quad biking centre, if you are biking through an organisation. Other safety gear that you can wear depending on the severity of your course, could include knee and ankle guards, elbow and wrist protectors, goggles to shield your eyes from dirt and dust, and mouth guards to protect the mouth and teeth. It really depends on the type of experience you are going for in your quad biking outing. It is always best to ask for advice from the experts, who will be on hand at any quad biking centre you go to.

Other considerations

If you plan on taking your quad biking skills onto off track roads and driving outside of a designated track, you need to think about other aspects of safety. To drive an all-terrain vehicle such as a quad bike, you need to carry out a check of your equipment first to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. Read the owner’s manual to make sure you have followed all the safety instructions. You should take a rider’s training course, so you know how to handle your bike safely in an outdoor area. You also need to wear full face protection, face grill and eye goggles, to ensure adequate protection for your face. Your gloves need to have padded parts over the knuckles. Boots should also have padded parts to protect your feet, while it is always best to have a small heel so that you can grip the feet rests comfortably.

Your goggles should be up to a certain standard, so that you can get the best protection for your sensitive eyes. Make sure you can see clearly through your goggles and that the lenses are not too dark. The goggles should be free from scratches and marks and they should also be fastened securely. The lenses should be tinted for riding on bright days, as tinted glass will help to shield your eyes from UV rays and keep the glare of the sun off your eyes, which is an important part of safe vision. For night riding, the lens should be clear to give good visibility of the road ahead, with no distortion from coloured lenses. In contrast, for more overcast days, the best lenses for your goggles are slightly yellow.

Essential riding tips

The right type of equipment will make driving your quad bike easier and keep you safe. There are also other considerations for driving safely. For example, when taking a corner on an ATV, you should think about where your body weight needs to be positioned. This will all depend on how sharp the turn is and your speed. If you make sure you are using the correct body positioning, you will be able to transfer your weight to the outside of the turn which means you can maintain an even balance overall. The inside wheels will then be able to take the turn comfortably.

Where to buy quad biking equipment

Quad biking equipment can be bought from many reputable stores, both online and offline, with both well-known branded equipment and generic equipment without a brand name available. You can buy the items you need for quad biking from a specialist store, which is devoted to quad biking essentials such as helmets, gloves, face guards and even the bikes themselves. You can also buy quad biking equipment from online stores with experts there to advise you every step of the way. Other options for those who are new to the sport or who need a bit more advice include renting or hiring the equipment you need for a quad biking session. You can usually rent the quad bike itself from the biking centre you go to for your session. They will be able to advise you on the right type of bike for your age and experience level.

When renting a bike from a specialist store or quad bike centre, you should also be able to rent other biking equipment such as helmets. By renting instead of buying your equipment in the early days, you will be able to find out exactly the type of equipment that works for you, and the right brands or items that you will need, when you come to buy your own. This is a good idea as it will help teach you about the equipment and also save you money. You will have more time to explore the different options and the experts at the bike centre will also be able to advise you on the right kit, so you do not waste money on inappropriate or unnecessary equipment.