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Race Report From Natalie Kane!

We love hearing from our athletes about all the exciting things they are achieving and taking part in. Here is the recent race report that MX rider Natalie Kane sent us chronicling her latest events.

"After a small break In the race schedule, I was back racing on the weekend past for the 4th round of the Swedish National Championship held at The Sandy Årsunda Motocross track. The weather has been extremely hot here in Sweden for months leaving it difficult for tracks to be open or in good conditions. After no rain in months there come thunder storms all weekend unluckily and left the track in difficult conditions. 


Qualifying - I got some good laps in and was feeling pretty good. I posted the fastest lap for pole position. Track was still holding up good with the rain at this point. 


Moto 1- I got off to a bad start around 18th position but I charged hard to make up to the front pretty quick and luckily was still able to keep my goggles pretty fresh. I pushed hard for 10 minutes getting a nice gap between me 2nd position then just controlled the race from there as I felt a lil off rhythm after catching up to some lapped riders but happy to take another win. 


Moto 2- The track was really destroyed by now and it become very rutted and technical which I like but I still needed a good start to protect my goggles which I did getting 4th out of the gate and quickly into 2nd but this time I had a nice battle with the Norwegian Thea Johansson for a few laps before I could find the right passing spot. After I made the pass I wanted to charge the whole race which I did pretty good and by end won the race by almost a minute. 


Overall thoughts - I have not being riding a lot this past month due to the weather being so hot, risk of fires and not many tracks open but I also hurt my back which I don’t know how I did it just started to feel pain and numbness down into my leg. After some treatment I found out I had an herniated disc in my back but mild so I  took 2 complete weeks off which helped a lot as it is feeling much better. So because of all this I wasn’t feeling 100% ready for heavy sand race so I am happy with my speed and overall race pace in Moto 2. Pumped with another 1-1 and opening up the points lead in the championship even more. 


I have the Pro Women’s UK National and another Swedish National coming up in August which I will continue to work hard now and keep pushing to be better. 


I appreciate all your help and support always!"