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Amy Samson - the amazing road to recovery from an ACL injury

Tearing your anterior cruciate ligament happens in an instant! For me, a keen Ultimate Frisbee player, it happened in a sudden death point against Cardiff at a weekend university Frisbee tournament. Little did I know at the time just what I had done and just how it would impact on my future. Having twice been selected for the Great Britain U20 Ultimate Frisbee squad, it's fair to say that Frisbee was a huge part of my life! However for the first few months after tearing my ACL hobbling up stairs and even just walking proved a challenge, running was a no go, I was off the pitch! Suddenly, I found myself with a lot of free time and ever growing frustration at the resulting limitations.

Amy Samson standing in the mountains wearing her CTi knee brace

The long-term solution to competitively playing Frisbee again was surgery; the question was when? That summer I had booked the trip of a lifetime with two university friends, travelling to South American and trekking to Macchu Picchu. However, the reality of doing this now seemed questionable! A combination of a determined attitude and a CTi knee brace was the solution! From the fitting of the brace to the delivery I couldn't recommend CTi knee braces enough. I had absolutely no problems completing the trek despite the uneven terrain, something I could definitely not have managed without the brace.

Amy Samson sat on a rock wearing her CTi knee brace

Recently I've just had my long awaited op and am currently living life on crutches, which is highly entertaining! However, the huge benefit of the CTi brace will be in the long rehabilitation process as I work towards getting back on the Frisbee pitch, I'll wear it initially to give me the confidence and support required to compete again as well as to prevent a future rupture in high risk circumstances such as skiing! I'll absolutely be back for one to protect my left knee before it goes the same way...!

Amy Samson standing in front of a mountain range wearing her CTi knee brace

Thanks to all at CTi for making my epic summer and future adventures possible!

Amy Samson

Amy is a medical student at the University of Bristol as well being the Galenicals Pre-Clinical Vice President 2015-16 of the University of Bristol Medical Student Society.

Having recently undergone surgery to repair her ruptured ACL she is currently undergoing rehab and now back in the gym.

You can keep up to date with Amy on Twitter.