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CTi® Custom Knee Brace

Custom made carbon fibre ligament brace moulded to the measurements of your knee and designed for extreme sports

An ACL injury leading to surgery can result in up to a year on the sidelines, therefore the use of a CTi is seen as an investment in prevention so that you protect your knee joint.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Mild to Severe ACL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe LCL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe MCL Sprains & Tears

  • Mild to Severe PCL Sprains & Tears (when using the PCL kit)

Before buying your CTi read our 4 step guide to see if it's suitable for you!

This product requires specific measurements for fitting therefore please call us on 08450 064 404 or email [email protected] to discuss in more detail.



The CTi® Custom knee brace is hand laminated using a combination of digital images and measurements taken of the leg. The brace is lightweight, low profile and very strong, making it ideal for a variety of sports and activities.

The CTi® Custom is available in the Standard and Pro Sport and PCL models. Each brace is fitted with Össur’s patented Sensil® liners, which are designed to prevent slippage & stop irritation to the skin.

Custom colour options

There are a choice of 14 standard colours available with the Custom, but if you want something a little different then no problem. Simply submit a design to our team and we'll price it up and have it painted onto your brace, from your name to a flag or even your favourite animal with a cool black and white zebra design. You provide the design and we'll make your CTi even cooler to help you stand out from the crowd.

The CTi® Custom comes with a one year’s fit guarantee from the date of supply.

Features & Benefits


  • Anatomically-correct Accutrac™ hinges with extension stops
  • Sensil® Silicone padding eliminates migration
  • 1-Year Fit Guarantee
  • Total Support System™ for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • Interior buckles for a more streamlined, lower profile
  • Custom-fabricated to each patient's unique measurements
  • Hand-laminated, carbon composite, rigid frame construction
  • Corrosion resistant materials, ideal for water sports
  • Moderate activity levels - Standard model
  • Available in 14 standard colours including black, yellow, pink and champagne
  • Custom paint is available for an additional fee, giving you the ultimate personalised knee brace

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