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Formfit® Knee Hinged Brace (Wrap)

Wrap around hinged knee brace providing stabilisation for the knee.

An injury to the knee can cause instability that limits your independence. Managing injuries can aid recovery.

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  • Mild to moderate ACL and PCL tears

  • MCL and LCL tears

  • Combined mild knee sprains and strains

  • Instabilities of the knee

NON-ROM models include a hinge that allows for unrestricted knee bending. However the hinge will stop at fully straight. NON-ROM version only available in short.

ROM hinge models allow the user control over how much range of motion the hinge will accommodate so you can stop the hinge bending at a desired angle (e.g. 90 degrees)

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The Formfit® Knee brace provides excellent stability, protection and compression during injury recovery. Made from strong, breathable materials, it offers comfort while remaining highly durable. Available in a wrap or sleeve version.
Features & Benefits


  • Breathable material
  • Easy wrap around
  • Malleable hinges
  • Universal buttress
  • Open popliteal
Sizing Information


Circumference: 15cm above the mid-patella

Long = 40cm

Short = 30cm

Short ROM Product Code Long ROM Product Code Non- ROM Product Code Size Circ. 15cm above mid-patella (cm)
507252 507352 503252 X Small 13" (33cm) to 15.5" (39cm)
507253 507353 503253 Small 15.5" (39cm) to 18.5" (47cm)
507255 507355 503255 Medium 18.5" (47cm) to 21" (53cm)
507257 507357 503257 Large 21" (53cm) to 23.5" (60cm)
507258 507358 503258 X Large 23.5" (60cm) to 26.5" (67cm)
507259 507359 503259 XX Large 26.5" (67cm) to 29.5" (75cm)
507260 507360 503260 XXX Large 29.5" (75cm) to 32" (81cm)

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