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Formfit® Wrist Support

Lightweight and lycra lined for protecting the wrist

Following a sprain the stability of the wrist can be compromised and be weaker which can in turn increase the likelihood of a subsequent injury occurring which is why immobilisation is often recommended.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Arthritis

  • Bursitis

  • Post Cast Healing

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Sprained Wrist

  • Tendonitis

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The Formfit® Wrist Support is constructed from a lightweight and durable fabric with a soft lycra lined interior for superior comfort and fit. A removable and mouldable aluminium palmar stay enables the brace to be customised to contour the shape of the wrist and hand. The support offers a simplified fitting through the use of three velcro contact closure straps. The Formfit Wrist Support can be used to treat a variety of sports injuries including tendonitis wrist and a sprained wrist, by offering structural support to the affected areas. This is turn can provide pain relief to the wearer and enhance their rehabilitation and help them to remain active.
Features & Benefits


  • Patented Formfit 3-dimensional moulding technology allows us to vary padding thickness in strategic locations for superior comfort and fit 
  • Extremely breathable lycra lined interior 
  • Lightweight durable fabric construction 
  • Contoured along distal palmar crease to allow for 90° M.P. flexion 
  • Precisely sculpted narrow web space prevents pinching 
  • V-notch at fifth M.P. to allow for palmar spread 
  • Removable/adjustable palmar stay 
  • Easy-to-use contact closure straps
Sizing Information


Circumference of extended wrist is required

Size Wrist circ. (cm) Left - 15cm Right - 15cm Left - 20cm Right - 20cm Left - 25cm Right - 25cm
X-Small 13 - 16 417083 417073 317082 317072 617082 617072
Small 16 - 18.5 417085 417075 317083 317073 617083 617073
Medium 18.5 - 20.5 417087 417077 317085 317075 617085 617075
Large 20.5 - 23.5 417088 417078 317087 317077 617087 617077
X-Large 23.5 - 25.5     317088 317078 617088 617078

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