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A Guide to CTi

A Guide to CTi

CTi® the ultimate knee brace for post-operative preventative care.

The CTi has a rock-solid, carbon fibre frame. So whether you’re just out of surgery or you’re looking to defend your knee from potential ligament injury, the CTi knee brace provides you with the ultimate combination of stability and protection.

The CTi knee brace is designed for use by professionals and amateurs alike to offer maximum protection for those in high impact sports. It is designed to protect the knee joint against ligament damage through impact and is worn by stars including British Speedway Champion Tai Woffinden, wakeboarding champion Lee Debuse and motocross freestyle team Bolddog.

CTi is derived from the original materials it was constructed from, a Carbon fibre hand laminated rigid frame, with Titanium hinges. With the introduction of new patented “accurately tracking” hinges, “Accutrac®” titanium was replaced with stainless steel.

All models are made with non-corrosive materials, making them ideal for water sports.

The top knee protection for athletes

The original CTi knee brace design was introduced in 1983 and whilst the concept has evolved over time the core philosophy has remained unchanged. The CTi offers a static support system consisting of a rigid frame that will hold the bones in correct alignment, providing high levels of control to prevent instability. The constant development and improvement of this classic design is why the CTi remains the top choice of athletes and leading Clinical Specialists around the world.

Staying fit and being available to compete is essential for every professional. In the world of extreme sports a bad injury can be career threatening or even career ending, therefore there is a huge focus on protecting the body. The CTi knee brace works to offer protection against ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL injuries that are some of the most serious injuries which can occur and more common amongst the snowboarding and motocross fraternities.

In wearing the CTi knee brace, professionals can have the confidence to push themselves harder and faster in their pursuit of glory.

Keep your CTi in Top Condition

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