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4 steps before buying

4 steps before buying

Before you add your CTi to the basket and checkout, take a minute to read this guide.

We've put together 4 simple steps to consider before you make your purchase, not to put you off but simply to be honest with you and ensure you get the brace that is right for you!

Step 1: Do you need a CTi?

Step 1: Do you need a CTi?

We are not trying to put you off but if you don’t need a CTi then don’t buy one as you won’t get the benefit of it!

If you like long walks in the countryside then this might not be the brace for you.

If you like nothing better than going flat out on the slopes, pulling epic tricks on the lake or taking your bike to where no one has ever taken their bike before…then you will probably need a CTi, along with a few other essential safety articles.

Billy Morgan catching some air

You may have suffered ligament damage, it does happen, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a CTi to manage it as other knee braces are available (you may just need a soft knee support).

Still unsure if you need one? Check out our Do I need a CTi page for more information on the types of sports and injuries the CTi was designed for.

Step 2: Measure and Measure Again

Step 2: Measure and Measure Again

Remember when you were young and you needed a new pair of shoes and you would get your feet measured every time you went to the shop?

Why did this happen?

It’s because the shop wanted to sell you a pair of shoes fit for purpose, a pair that would be comfortable and fit perfectly and allow you to walk, run and jump and all the other things you wanted to do when wearing your new shoes (like running round the playground like a maniac).

Ever bought a pair of shoes which didn’t fit? Not much fun?

It’s the same with a CTi knee brace.

We want to sell you a brace which fits you perfectly and gives you all the benefits that CTi has made its name doing. If you want to try different sizes then that is not a problem, we offer a Professional Fitting Service where we send 2 sizes to a clinic near you so that you can test which one fits best (really useful if you are at the bottom or top end of a particular size).

This service costs an additional £50 in order to cover the clinician's time, the choice is up to you but if this is your first CTi knee brace then we would recommend getting a professional fitting to start off.

If you’re buying online then obviously you can’t try them on, you’re just looking at a picture on your screen. The way around this is a ensuring you measure your knee correctly so you know which size to buy.

Simple really!

If you’re buying a Custom CTi then we’ll do the measuring for you (23 different measurements to be precise) when you visit one of our clinics. Just call us on 08450 064 040 to get started.

Still unsure on measuring? Check out our How to measure for a CTi page for further information.

Step 3: Getting the perfect fit

Step 3: Getting the perfect fit

You’ve done the research and CTi is the knee brace for you (we applaud you).

You’ve taken the time to measure properly and got yourself the right size (a fantastic start).

You've aced it up to now (you totally rock) but if you don’t know how to put it on when it arrives then it’s not much use (we've seen everything from people putting it on the wrong leg to trying to fit it upside down).

If you’ve bought a CTi before then you’ll know what you’re doing but if you’re new to CTi then there a host of ways to find out how to fit it correctly. Just think…damage to your ligaments can rule you out of action for up to a year so it’s well worth watching a 3 minute video to try and avoid this from happening.

We're not trying to over complicate things and let's face it, it's a knee brace and not interplanetary terraforming bioengineering but we are passionate about what we do and want to make sure our customers experience all the benefits CTi has to offer.

Still unsure on how to fit it correctly? Check out our How to fit a CTi page for further information.

Step 4: I can't get it fitted

Step 4: I can't get it fitted

If you've followed the previous steps and watched the videos but still can't quite get that perfect fit then don't despair, we have another option.

We work with clinics across the UK which offer a Professional Fitting Service whereby we send two different sizes to the clinic ahead of your arrival and they will ensure you leave with a perfectly fitted CTi (you can even wear it on the way home if you like).

This is an ideal route if you've never purchased a CTi before or if you simply want to make sure you've been wearing it right for the last few years.

If you already have a brace then first thing you'll need to do is to send it back to us (ensuring it is unused and you haven't trimmed any straps - otherwise you may incur a 20% restocking charge), from which we can refund you and then start the process again by arranging an appointment with a local clinic. We ask that you send back the original brace you ordered online as we send two different sized braces to the clinic to ensure you get the best fit so we find it's easier to start afresh.

If you just want to take your brace to a clinic to get it fitted then that is also ok, however there will be a charge for this service which you would need to negotiate directly with the clinic.

Still unsure what this all means? Check out our Professional Fitting Service page for further information.

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