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Rebound® Ankle Brace

Rigid design to manage grade 1, 2 and 3 high ankle sprains

Following surgery or a serious ankle injury you need to protect your ankle during rehabilitation and minimise the risk of causing further damage and increasing your recovery time.

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Which conditions can I use it for?

  • Chronic Instability

  • Mild to Severe Sprains (Grade 1, 2, 3)

  • Post Surgery

  • Posterior Tibialis Dysfunction

  • Sprain Prevention

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The Rebound® Ankle Brace works to manage grade 1, 2 and 3 high ankle sprains by stabilising the ankle and minimising the risk of the joint rolling once again when in motion. The main benefit of the ankle brace is its use following surgery or major injury where a patient has spent time in a cast or a walker boot and is looking for that next transition to fully recover whilst still having the support they need for any instability experienced.

The rigid design of the brace ensures the joint is protected against ambiguous movements by minimising the range of motion, whilst still allowing the controlled application of loads through mobility which has proven to be beneficial in the recovery following injury.

The NHS diagnoses more than 1.5 million ankle sprains every year and failure to treat a minor sprain can lead to more serious problems occurring. A grade 1 sprain results in the ligaments within the joint becoming stretched and compromises stability. Failure to have this treated increases the risk of you rolling your ankle and causing more substantial damage.

Following surgery it is important that you return to mobility though this requires strengthening of the joint and is where the ankle support can offer real benefits in being able to offer an additional level of protection outside of your physiotherapy and exercise to minimise the risk of you undoing all of the surgeons work.

Application Instructions

Instructions for use are available here.

Additional Considerations

Details of additional considerations and items to be made aware of are available here.

Features & Benefits


  • Adjustable calf band accommodates a broad range of leg circumferences and creates a more customised fit 
  • Open front, crossover strap design allows simple and secure application 
  • Version with stability strap offers numerous strapping configurations for a range of stability levels
  • Can be stepped down or removed as the patient progresses through rehabilitation
Sizing Information


Shoe size is required in being able to determine the size of brace required, as per the table below:

Size Shoe Size (UK) W/O Stability Strap (Left) W/O Stability Strap (Right) With Stability Strap (Left) With Stability Strap (Right)
Small 2 - 7.5 B-231600012 B-231500012 B-231602512 B-231502512
Medium 8 - 10.5 B-231600013 B-231500013 B-231602513 B-231502513
Large 11+ B-231600014 B-231500014 B-231602514 B-231502514

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